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After DriveDx warning, drive behaved abnormally, I heard loud clicking noises and I got warnings from OS X as the drive unmounted abnormally while it was not the case. Thanks to DriveDx. Best in its class. Excellent tech support. DriveDx app warned of pending drive failure before it happened. Capitol Macintosh , CapMac.

How to test a drive for defects or problems on a Mac | WD Support

Shout out to BinaryFruit for offering a great product and great service over and beyond what they advertise! DriveDX is an awesome app! Martin Zimelka , photographer.

1. Disk Utility

Cheaper and better than it's main OS X competitors. Xenophile, Apple computer user since Absolute Must for the OS 'Toolkit'! I was having some serious issues with an SSD hybrid drive on my macbook pro, and well since seagate doesn't support mac, their 'seatools' software was useless and required for getting a proper exchange. That one event way more than paid for the price of the software. THIS software generated a report that was acceptable for me to get my exchange, and before the drive died completely. Got my replacement drive and I will most certainly never go back to not having it installed.

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  5. 6 Amazing Apps to Check Your Mac Hard Drive (or SSD) Health.
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  7. 2. CleanMyMac.

Just in Time! So I decided that I had to replace it. I did that and enclosed the failing disk in an external enclosure to use it some more.

A week later I began to have serious issues with the failing disk and ditched it. I am very happy with DriveDx, worth the money on all accounts. Lex Schellings , DriveDx user.

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I have a not so supported fusion drive in my Macbook Pro. There has never been any way to see the S. Decided to give this a try and the first thing that pops up is that my Crucial M4 SSD was close to failure because of a bug in the microcode. I have not tried to use this to look at my USB attached drives, since the only one I have is a small external that I boot from in emergencies. But DriveDx not only clearly sees both drives making up my fusion drive, but it also shows me the status of my 3 eSATA drives. The top 5 list is as follows: Stellar Data Recovery Premium for Mac: This software is helpful if your storage drive has logical corruption; the drive is unmounted or not showing up on Mac, and you are unable to recover your data.

Stellar Data Recovery Premium for Mac scans the Mac storage drive to recover permanently deleted files as well. You can connect an external hard drive and perform formatted recovery, partition recovery and restore lost data conveniently. With this tool, you can run a surface scan to find out the bad-blocks on the media.

This is a useful disk repair utility for Mac with quite a different repairing functionality, unlike other disk repair tool. The software creates a replacement data basis the original data instead of rebuilding damaged data.

Check Hard Drive Health of a Mac with Disk Utility

Subsequently, the software ensures there is no inaccuracy in creating the new data structure from the original one. The software can also be used as a preventive maintenance utility for Mac storage device. When you execute the software, it rebuilds and optimizes the directory, thereby removing any kind of data structure damage and improving drive performance. Drive Genius: This is the data volume of the disk. Click First Aid from the tabs active tabs as seen below. A drop-down will appear prompting to confirm checking the volume for errors.

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Click Run. First Aid process will run several seconds to several minutes, depending on the amount of data on the drive, and any repairs to the file structure, data integrity, or permissions performed. Click Done to close the dialog box. Warranty policy and online warranty services for WD products. Please rate the helpfulness of this answer. Select your Language Language. This utility is also available in rescue mode for testing the Mac HD boot drive.

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