Como hacer dual boot windows 8 y mac

Hey faiz… I installed macOs sierra as you explained above in steps but when i removed usb flash drive then i restart it. It doest show any macOs what should i do…? Check the full guide here: Hello everybody , i have succesfully installed macosx sierra on my lenovo laptop , the problem is that i cant install windows , neither creating a partition Extended Journal nor msDos , it keeps telling me that windows cannot be installed on this drive , im sure that i booted into uefi mode while trying to install windows , does anybody have any idea?

Watch this video to know how to fix this problem. I have pre installed windows..

How to Dual Boot Windows 10 and macOS Sierra on PC - Hackintosh

Watch and follow this guide: If you have already installed Windows 10, so now you just need a bootable USB and follow this update video guide. Hello, i succesfully installed Mac and Clover on my laptop, which already had Windows installed. Missing operating system. Can you please help me because i have a lot of files on my Windows! Yes dear, you can fix the Windows issue here: Guide 1: So I highly recommend you to watch the video tutorial how to dual boot Windows 10 and macOS: Yes, you can, but there are something that you need to understand.

So for that, I recommend you to Watch this video tutorial: Can u help me. On Efi system, windows can be installed on a Gpt. Visit this article: I already install windows for a few years now and have a spare HDD for mac. I am having lenovo n and fujitsu A Is there BIOS setting or bootloader change required? Try with UniBeast. These are the links: Is it meant to take a very long time? I am currently in the installation of mac, i can see the logo but the progress bar is still blank. Also there was no setting for sata controller. Pls help. Started installation using bootable USB installer for El capitan using transmac 5.

Though had issues in the middle, finally was able to install EL capitan no boot flags were required, no hangs, erased, formatted, mounted, named and created partitions as given in this article 6. Couldnt find clover as it took me to boot options which came earlier when i started the installation 7. Selected Mac HDD drive where El capitan is installed able to boot fine, installed multibeast — clover and other drivers once done rebooted laptop 8. Chose HFS, stuck apple icon.

Because with clover configurator, you can change the boot options like any boot flag, System definition and the processor mode etc… You can also Email at wikigain gmail. Thank you for your response. Finally, I somehow manged to install EL capitan. What are the post- installation files required to be installed? Watch the first 3 or 4 minutes of the video down below to get the idea. Hello Dear Kieon What do you mean? If you want to install windows 7 instead of windows 10 then yes you can follow the same steps but there are few changes. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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Mac OS. UEFI Boot. Clover Menu. Langue Chooser. Disk Utility. Erase Your HDD. Partition Tab. Mac HDD. Windows 10 HDD. OS X Installation — Continue. Agree with the Terms of the Software License Agreement. Automatically Restarting in 10 Seconds. Automatic Boot into HFS.

DUAL BOOT OSX Sierra & Windows 10 (Clover)

Choose Country. Select Your Keyboard.

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Transfer Information to This Mac. Terms and Conditions. Create a Computer Account. Setting Up Your Mac. Enter your Language and other preferences. Install Windows Now. Hello Faiz Orz, Thanks you for sharing the tech tips. Would you be help me in this case please. Hi, Thanks for such a nice tutorial. I have created the bootable USB for Sierra. Once the clover menu opens, i have an option to select install Mac osx from Mac or Sierra. I selected the same, but it ended up with an error x64 exception type on the whole screen being red. Kindly help me with the same.

My laptop: Watch this video tutorial: Hey dear, Watch this video for more information: Sir i have succesfully installed macos sierra n windows 10 both on single hdd but when i start my laptop the bootloader automatically loads windows. When i insert the mac bootable pendrive only then i get the clover bootloader… please tell me how can i use both os via clover without usb… please help.

Can you find me a config. Are you installing Windows first or macOS Sierra? Or you have already installed Windows and wanna install macOS? What more i need to do. Let me notify you one more thing that you should backup all your data to any external drive because it might be deleted. Only Bootable USB show as internal. What settings am i forgetting to configure. Yes, you can, but I highly recommend you to watch this video tutorial on our YouTube channel: I just finished my question before: System type: Instructions about dual booting win 10 and macOS Sierra with win 10 pre installed are unclear, what should I do?

I am not sure about your system, just follow the guide or video tutorial: How to install triple boot in this version? Yes, you are right. Follow this tutorial to dual boot: Get the necessary help from here: By that would that meet the definition of Dual boot? Both Hard Disk scheme should be the same For more info watch our dual boot video that told everything you need in dual boot YouTube. Hello I made the USB installer for macOS but i get a different menu in clover its has a option of boot from macOS sierra install and when i click it, it freezes at system uptime.

Thank you for a great article however I have run into an issue which I hope you can provide a solution for. Everytime I try to download an app from the App store it continually tells me my account is disabled, yet I can login to my account successfully using a web browser. Any ideas as to what could be causing this issue? So you need to change your Mac address and serial number.

You can find your system boot menu key or BIOS key from this article and go ahead by the article. In this cause, you need to Boot with your system boot flag or change the Config. Check the following video and article guides. Boot correctly: Also followed mentioned post installation step. But you can solve that issue in cause you use two hard drives.

One for Windows and one for macOS. Just like me, I was facing the same problem then Set one more hard drive to my laptop to install macOS Sierra on it then the Issue solved. Simply watch this video if you want to follow what I did to solve: How I set 2nd hard drive is my laptop. Check out the video or article guide: Hi , I am using a laptop with i7 u and hd graphic. When trying to boot in the os, it shows OsxAptioFixDry …….. By the way, i try both. Is there anything else I can do. Sorry for my poor english.

Hi, thanks for the complete guide..

How to Dual Boot Windows 10 with Other Versions of Windows, macOS and Linux

Is it possible to do this without having to format the disk? I have windows 7 already, with lots of programs and stuff. Video guide: Watch the Video tutorial: I learned this the hard way — have to format the entire disk to GPT. After that, just follow Faiz instructions and it will be OK. Thanks for sharing your feedback dear, Yes to install and complete post-installation then you need a GPT partition map Scheme. Especially if you want to install Clover bootloader, then you must have GPT partition map. Can you give me the kext for my laptop Specs: Hey, Check this article and you may find the right kext for your system.

Well i did check that article and managed to fix almost every problems. Hey dear, When you install your audio kext by mulitBeast then restart your System and while coming back from the restart on the clover screen boot with Caches GUIDE into your macOS and you will have sound. Is it on single hard disk or Separate? Thanks for the quick reply, I follow the instruction and managed to install mac quite OK only problem is no Audio, everything else is OK.

However, I tried to follow the dual boot with Windows in this article but when Windows copied files and restart, I just see the clover bootloader, and can not boot to the Windows partition to finish the installation. Hey dear, How did you do to run normal boot? You could give me the configuration of your bios, flags of the boot. You could give me the configuration of your bios, bootflags.

What do you mean TheDezkill?

Yes boot from the usb but only in UEFI mode. The guide here is good, you should follow it step by step 2. I format that USB again and follow this article: So I have to back up my docs, files, and other stuff in my old Windows. I can only fully support the Intel HD graphics, touchpad, ethernet. Just installation. Then you help me with the drivers. Faiz could u please provide me a full step by step tutorial for my hardware or device?

Thank you. Hi, I wanna ask whether it needs to be done in legacy or uefi while installing mac os Sierra with pre installed windows Tnx dear for replying.

Le and then nothing happens. What to do? Thank you in advance as I know you are going to help. Hey dear, Give a try to another config. If you have installed As legacy then you can clean your hard disk and install both. I choose language but when I select continue it turns around and reload the same page. By the way, update the Sierra installer to latest version And thanks for all the hard work. Your hd plist is incorrect. For Sierra you have to apply this patch:. All the Plist file are created by an another Hackintosh group.

After I boot from usb in clover, it is a black screen that is stuck with: Create bootable USB for your system on Windows by using the guide below. But before doing this stuff, make sure that your system is compatible with macOS Sierra. I have Intel graphics Which config. Also should i change my boot args in clover? You can see in the screenshot I have linked. It says Intel HD Graphics https: Hi, I have both intel and nvidia GeForce m in my laptop. Error after choosing usb from clover Panic cpu 0 caller 0xffffffdd6: If no then check here: Direct windows opening.

What can I do? Search google or wait we will have a Video tutorial soon for that on our youtube channel: Hi Thanks for your tutorial, i have successfully installed macossierra by following your tutorial in my hp laptop which already running windows 7. And also please tell me how to install ethernet , wifi and activate touch. Hello dear, In this step, you need a post Installation.

Hi there.. Could you please suggest any solution?

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Thanks for the reply.. I successfully booted into HFS and completed the installation.. Then I tried to install the drivers using multibeast.. I think I chose the wrong drivers for my system.. If I tell you my laptop specs, could you guide me how to select the appropriate drivers from multibeast? Thanks again. Hi, I have a laptop with pre installed win Now i want install sierra Can i do it with this tutorial? Yeah, You can install macSO Sierra. Then follow the video. Do I have to do something with my SSD first? I already set my bios correctly, if anyone could help please let me know screenshot below.

You have to create new Bootable USB by this way: I though that it for windows 10… I am currently running win7 and i want to dual boot sierra and windows 7. If i have to do that bootable usb like in your link, where do i get that stuff to put in the usb so i need 3 usb total? Seems like you missed the Note Note: Please read the article carefully you will get all important point. I already make the bootable USB installer of sierra with that link you gave me but how do I put the cloover in the same usb since you saying copied to the same USB.

Secondly, as you can after the process finished with win32diskimager then it formatted the USB to fat32 and it can be easily accessed. Watch the video tutorial if you wish: You can boot with boot flags also and you have to place your config. It has MBR table. Sorry for my english mistakes. Are you User that saying the same comment that you point out? Any ideas? For more info visit the article below. But it seems maybe I should have done Windows first? How do I solve that? Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Mac OS. Change Boot Mode. Exit Save Changes. Boot into USB Installer. Open Disk Utility. Go to Erase Tab. Partitioning the Disk. Erase Process Successful. Go to Partition Tab.

How to Dual Boot Windows 10 and macOS Sierra on PC

Windows Partition. Confirm Partition. Done Partition Windows HD. Setup the Installation of macOS Sierra. Accept the Terms of the Software License Agreement. Install Mac OS. Boot From Mac HD. Choose Language. Create a Computer Account. Setting up macOS Sierra. Select your Language and other.

Install Windows. Enter Product Key or Skip. License Terms. Select Installation Type. Where to Install Windows. Installing Windows. Enter the Product Key. Get Connected. Get Going Fast. Setting Things up For you. admin