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When deciding whether to buy now or wait, you have to consider both price and obsolescence. No matter what type of laptop you want, you are likely -- but not certain -- to get the best prices in either the back-to-school June - August or holiday Mid-October - December time frames.

Most mainstream consumer laptops now have 8th Gen processors inside and some business laptops have them also. However, budget systems and mobile workstations won't get 8th Gen upgrades until much later in Great information! I wish I had done more research before I just bought this Acer Chromebook, it sucks! Windows is so much better in my opinion. Again, thanks for all of the valuable information in the article. I want to buy a latest technology laptop at the best rates or with highest specifications Intel's media alert for 8th gen for Aug.

If you need a Windows 7 laptop, you can't buy a 7th generation Intel processor. So it might be a good time to buy a 6th generation system while you can.

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Ive been waiting for laptops with gtx from a long time and still got no idea when are they realeasing.. So when are the acer aspire VX15, lenovo legion y or the dell? Also tell the prices expected in India. LenovoHasNewer I see that it is much better, but when will it be available? To be more precise in my country? When a laptop becomes available in the US, it takes another half a year at least to get here.

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Middle Europe And I can't order it from the US as the keyboard there is very different then those for my native language. We have 9 more letters than the US alphabet. I needed a new laptop ASAP as my prev.

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What I am asking that did I choose good from the available options at the time? When the Y comes out maybe I will change it in the store, as for 10 months they count it in at full price if I want to switch to another model. Janos, I think it is a mistake, because at CES Lenovo launched their Legion series gaming laptops like the Y and Y, which feature the newer pascal graphics 10xx series, with much greater performance and specs. I bought a Lenovo laptop in December and I am worried I bought it to quickly.

Can someone give advice? I did a lot of scouting for Surface Pro 3s last December on Ebay and things definitely get cheaper from November to January. Part of it is unwanted gifts pre Christmas and after it. A good idea is to to use the ebay sales history and try and tally what they usually sell for. Remember to make sure what the model is.

Whether it is new etc. Then just stick to your guns when new items go up on ebay. Patience is key as is making sure you know what you are bidding for. There are also ebay shops that sell refurbished stuff. Something to take into consideration is battery. The screen now features a gorgeous One thing that hasn't changed, though, is the MacBook Air's signature ultra-slim design, which is only 1. Ever since its introduction in , the new Apple MacBook has continued to set the standard for thin, light, and stylish laptops.

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The renowned, high resolution MacBook Pro Retina display is offered across the line-up. More to Explore. Discover amazing gear and smart tech to keep your heart in tip-top shape. The features of this website require JavasScript to function. Please check your browser settings and turn on JavaScript.

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If you can't find the setting, try searching the web for your browser name Chrome, Firefox, etc. Apple Laptops. Email a Friend Print Bookmark. Shop by Type. Pick up a slim notebook with productivity-boosting power and head-turning style. MacBook Air. Nonetheless, the venerable Mac laptop retains a large core of dedicated fans, many of whom are professionals who favor OS X computers for their unrivaled reliability and excellent software.

Like most Apple gear, MacBooks can cost a premium, but with some luck and a little patience, discount-savvy Mac-lovers can save hundreds by taking the time to sniff out those hard-to-find Apple discounts — sometimes even at Chromebook prices. We already hunted down the best cheap MacBook deals for February in-stock right now from various retailers. Thankfully, the company surprised us with a more powerful new MacBook in with an updated processor, confirming that its super-slim laptop had not yet been totally abandoned — just like the iPad Mini.

Since recent MacBook Air models both feature a inch display and Apple skipped over it in , you have two versions to choose from: The and releases.

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Both are pretty much identical in size, with the refresh boasting improved battery life over its predecessors and the Air coming loaded with the latest Kaby Lake Intel processors and twice as much standard RAM. The Apple MacBook first came onto the scene in , replacing the core iBook, but was discontinued in before Apple thankfully brought it back in The MacBook Pro launched alongside the standard MacBook in , representing — as you probably guessed from its name — a slightly more high-end option with more powerful hardware. Paired with this extra screen real estate is an impressive battery life, making the MacBook Pro the perfect machine for professionals who are regularly on the go.

The , , and MacBook Pro notebooks all feature snappy i5 and i7 Intel processors, with the latest models released last year running on the newer Kaby Lake CPU architecture. Also worth mentioning is that the newer and inch MacBook Pros are almost identical in size and weight to the original MacBook Air. Unlike the newest iPhone, these Apple MacBooks have the headphone jack included. Looking for more tech deals? Follow dealsDT. Share on Facebook Tweet this Share. We strive to help our readers find the best deals on quality products and services, and choose what we cover carefully and independently.