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Mac OS X Snow Leopard Keyboard Shortcuts

Please, If anyone knows a good place to post this info where it will be most helpful, let me know or go ahead and do it. PS this also works great if you want to use a touchscreen-only setup. I put this in my local utilities folder, paste a nice icon and I just open the application whenever I need it.

Note that this breaks with major releases, since Apple moves things around. So expect a different path in This is a great tip. Thank you.

The new instructions for Snow Leopard, the only version to have Capitals Lock and Shift keys enabled are: Go to System Preferences. Click on Keyboard. Now the Keyboard Viewer is in the menubar.

Regards, Alex, That is great news for folks who have upgraded their hardware. Kimberly J.

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Hi, All, I think that since the On-Screen keyboard is part of the input menu, it is available at Login if you check the box that enables the input menu at login. Hi Is there any way of getting the on screen keyboard at the log in screen?

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Hope you all get a response for this annoying issue. Regards, Alex,. Sorry for the bad typos. I was typing while tired. On the whole their accessibility response in enourmous. Good day!

Keyboard stops working in Snow Leopard wh… - Apple Community

Your prompt response is much appreciated. Thank you! Also, my on-screen keyboard does not have the number pad as in the pic above. Any help? In Anyone know what could be going wrong? When 'Use all F1, F2, etc. If you check in the keyboard viewer, does it look like the system is seeing the keypresses? Have you managed to resolve this?

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Apple OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard – Using the on-screen keyboard

User profile for user: Keyboard stops working in Snow Leopard when using Spaces A couple of times a day, the keyboard stops working when I select another space using a keyboard shortcut. It does not happen every time I switch spaces. Is anyone else experiencing this?

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This happens both on my non-unibody Macbook Pro 15" 2. Message was edited by: More Less. admin